The Free Turkish Press is unconditionally committed to freedom of expression and editorial independence.

We take our name, our slogan, and our ethos from the Turkish constitution, Article 28: “The press is free, and shall not be censored.” We believe in independent journalism as an essential part of a functioning democracy. 

This is a moment of unprecedented pressure on media and specifically journalists of Turkey, but we believe that both Turkish and international audiences deserve free access to information and to independent, pluralistic opinion. 

We pledge to cover events accurately, fairly, and honestly, and to publish thoughtful and diverse analyses by relying on the experience and talent of our contributors and editors.  

The Free Turkish Press (FTP) was founded by the Turkish Democracy Project (TDP), an international non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness around growing authoritarianism in Turkey. 

FTP will function as an integral part of TDP’s mission to promote democracy and free discourse in Turkey. 

We welcome contributions from our readers and will correct inaccuracies fully and promptly.